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Dutch Companions

On Tour - Europe's Drag Racing Adventure

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled journey across Europe with the Dutch Companions, a group of elite Dutch drag racers. These formidable teams, including our own Banditos Motorsport team have united to embark on an extraordinary drag racing tour.

Buckle up for high-speed thrills, intense rivalries, and the thunderous roar of engines as the Dutch Companions conquer some of the most challenging drag strips on the continent. With a passion for speed and a love for competition, these teams are set to leave their mark on the European drag racing scene.

Follow our trail of burning rubber, incredible horsepower, and jaw-dropping quarter-mile runs as they chase victory across borders. The Dutch Companions are here to make their presence felt and show the world what Dutch drag racing is all about.

The Gallery

Meet the Companions


Steven Okkerman


Ed Breedveld


Robert Vos


Niek Kruif


Harry Kempenaar


Janita Kempenaar

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