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Franz Weise

Meet Franz Weise, a seasoned photographer with a remarkable journey. Thirteen years ago, his career took an intriguing turn as he delved into the world of photography. At that time, Franz was actively involved as a promoter for leading camera manufacturers, a role that inspired him to immerse himself in hands-on experience. His first DSLR camera marked the beginning of a captivating odyssey. Soon after, a unique opportunity arose for Franz to step into the role of a club photographer for local entertainment portals. Within a few short months, club owners recognized his exceptional talent, eagerly seeking him as their resident photographer.

This burgeoning demand led Franz to forge partnerships with over a dozen clubs in and around Munich, establishing a team of six skilled photographers, capturing the vibrant nightlife of the city up to six nights a week. In mid-2014, Franz decided to pivot his focus away from the nightlife scene, directing his passion towards the art of documenting weddings and corporate events. His journey evolved organically from there.Today, Franz Weise is celebrated for his professional expertise in photographing grand-scale events, including corporate galas and weddings, as well as a wide range of lucrative assignments. His photography is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Beyond his professional commitments, Franz is an enthusiastic wildlife and nature photographer. He also dabbles in the intriguing world of rudimentary astro-photography. In 2018, Franz successfully completed his studies in media design, seamlessly complementing his photography journey. His proficiency extends to graphic design and brand development, a testament to his versatile skill set. Franz Weise, a name synonymous with remarkable visual storytelling, invites you to explore his world where every image is a piece of art, carefully crafted to capture the essence of the moment. Furthermore, Franz Weise is proud to announce a partnership with Banditos Motorsport, a collaboration set to redefine the art of capturing speed and adrenaline on camera. Stay tuned for exhilarating adventures and thrilling visuals with this exciting union.

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